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bsolutely terrific quick service and the best deals I have seen. Been telling friends and now there on board too. Have got a sweet selection so no need to go anywhere else????

# Dylan12050

First time customer. It was so easy to order and delivery efficient. Loving the Alien Super Mario. I’m definitely coming back for more.

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Shout Out To Bio! Damb these guys are dead on point with their quality, price and there super quick customer service. There speacials cant be beat I will be ordering from them all the time! Thanks BMS

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extreme happy customer


I was a little skeptical at first, the deals seemed to good to be true but am i ever impressed.. i will be making the switch and using this site from now on.

# Al Martel

Oh my, I love these guys already.It was not good at first communication could have been better but a BIG but they so made up for it. To start my order sat in the processing mode for 48hrs and panic started to set in, I ordered early on a Tuesday morn in the hopes it would make it to the east coast by Friday so I would have it for the week end so I messaged them and asked if there was an issue with my order and why it had not shipped yet. They asked for my order num and said they would get back to me. A couple hours went by they sent me message saying the product I purchased had not met their quality standards and that they were just waiting for better product and they would ship it out.Ok fast forward to Monday and it arrived they sent me a AAAA+ Bud called White Widow to replace a $300 OZ of OG. I am what you would call a hard case I don’t even usually get high but what these guys sent me was nothing short of Fabulous I think my search may be over I may have found the Best Mail Order Supplier in the market theses guys are probably going to be my GO TO guys from now on. Thanks so much keep up the great products and services. PS even got a free sample to boot you guys Rock


As a 39+ year smoker, BMS is hands down the best! Legit and high quality buds / canna products. Prices are outstanding imo. As long as BMS is around, I’m a loyal customer.

# Amber.jdkelly

I ordered an oz of White Widow and I have to say that this strain has it all. It looks fantastic and this order seemed to be perfectly cured. The taste and smell is just phenomenal not to mention the high, a nice clean head high. keeps me energized but don’t smoke too much too quick or else its to the sofa for you. I ordered on Saturday and received my order on the following wednesday. I have to say that this is truly the nicest most beautiful strain. Definitely AAAA+. Will definitely order this strain again. Cheers!

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Duke nukem looks dope! Delivery went great. Can wait till later tonight. %100 reccomend quick greens. I Wish I bought the pens now. Deffinately a future customer.


Bio is a great company to deal with. I actually entered my old address (maybe to stoned) and the order was sent back to them. They sent it back no problem and was there within a couple days. Great site great weed, even better dabs

 #Lisa Whistler,

Hi, my order arrived yesterday. I love it! Thank you! What a fast service…you guys are great! I wish every site was like this one

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Hi, guys! I want to thank you for my very very quick delivery and I just love my order… Your company efficient services and customer care are second to none! I am very happy! I will surely share my experience with my friends!

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Hi, guys! I want to thank you for my very very quick delivery and I just love my order… Your company efficient services and customer care are second to none! I am very happy! I will surely share my experience with my friends!