Smoking accessories


If you are looking for the right smoking accessories for your CBD products, you have come to the right place at Bio Marijuana Store. In our wide range you will find rolling paper and cigarette paper in various designs, as well as high-quality activated carbon filters for your joints. The cigarette papers consist of slow-burning paper of the highest quality, notably from the brand Smoking. They are particularly resistant and are perfect for smoking our CBD buds. The adhesive used is 100 percent vegetable Arabic gum. Furthermore, no preservatives or other additives were added to the cigarette paper. Our range of smoking accessories also includes activated carbon filters that significantly reduce the absorption of pollutants during smoking. By using high-quality filters, smoking the CBD buds becomes an aromatic experience. The filters from Purize for instance, are manufactured from environmentally conscious raw materials and meet even the highest demands. The activated carbon filters are supplied in a resealable bag which ensures air- and watertight storage of the smoking accessories. Have a look at our CBD Shop and convince yourself of the variety of our smoking accessories.


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