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Because CBD is gaining popularity rapidly, and because people often have the same questions about CBD, we have boiled everything you need to know as a first time buyer into a quick read. We all have an endocannibinoid system that regulates many of our body functions, therefore, we can all potentially benefit from taking CBD.

What does CBD do and how can it help me?

Research has shown that cannabinoids may be helpful in the treatment of many conditions, including chronic pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, multiple sclerosis, anorexia and weight loss, seizures, anxiety, depression, dementia, diabetes, PTSD and more. Not everyone has the same results from CBD. Many will find different results with different brands and dosages. It is up to the individual to experiment with what works best for them. It may be best to start with a few drops under the tongue everyday for a week or two, and if you don’t have the relief you were hoping for, double your dose. CBD is safe, non-toxic and there is no lethal dose.

Is CBD legal? Will it get me high? Will I fail a drug test?

As long as you are buying CBD derived from the entire industrial hemp plant and that plant and/or final CBD product contains less than .3% THC, it is 50 state legal. Hemp starts with the legal limit of .3% THC in the plant prior to going through the extraction process. Some companies remove all of the THC during the extraction process and some choose to leave trace amounts of .3% or less to add to the beneficial effect of all the vital cannabinoids working together.  Because full spectrum brands of CBD do have trace amounts of THC, you CAN potentially fail a drug test when using a brand with trace amounts of THC. If failing a drug test is a concern, please choose a brand that does not contain THC. There is not enough to get you high in any of the brands we carry or that follow legal guidelines. 

Isolate Vs. Full Spectrum Vs. Broad Spectrum

Isolate – Isolate is just what it sounds like. The CBD oil goes through several process’ to remove all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, Terpenes, chlorophyll and other natural components of the plant other than CBD. Isolates do not offer the user the same entourage effect as full and broad spectrum CBD. However, for an unknown reason, some people react better to isolates. If you are concerned about drug testing, isolate is your answer.

Full Spectrum – Full spectrum is a term used to describe a CBD oil that has gone through the extraction process and all of the other 100 plus beneficial compounds, INCLUDING THC, have been left in the oil. Only the unwanted plant components have been removed. Many people find that full spectrum works best for them. This is likely due to the trace amount of THC that remains in the oil.

Broad Spectrum – Broad Spectrum is a term used to describe a CBD oil that has gone through the extraction process and all of the other 100 plus beneficial compounds, EXCLUDING THC, have been left in the oil. Only the unwanted components, such as THC (in this case) and excess chlorophyll, have been removed.

How can I tell if I am getting a quality CBD product?

To know if you are getting a good quality product, ask for and read the lab results from the product you are interested in buying. If the company does not offer lab results, DO NOT buy their product. The CBD should be organically grown and free from all pesticides and heavy metals. The quantity of actual CBD should also match or be very close to what is listed on the bottle.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect is the result produced by the synergistic interaction of all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes working together. Because these compounds target different receptors and conditions, the entourage effect can be highly beneficial to the user.

Oral Vs. Vapeable Vs. Topical

CBD will work for most no matter how it is ingested. It comes down to personal preference.  In the case of topical application (mostly for treating pain), you are able to target the affected area.  Topical is a good route to use in conjunction with the other routes of ingestion for people with arthritis and chronic pain. Tinctures and vapeable products may take time to give you the effect you are looking for, so be patient. It will also require some experimenting to find the best dose for each individual.


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